Backyard Fairies by Phoebe Wahl


girl searches for fairies in her backyard and the woods beyond, following little clues and traces of magic. Fairies and other magical creatures can be found on every page, hidden among the flowers, trees and pebbles. But although readers can see them, the girl keeps searching, just one step behind…In the end, it is clear (both to the girl and readers) that there is magic all around, even when it’s hidden in plain sight. Phoebe Wahl takes us deep into the world of fairies, and her vibrant, multi-textured woodland scenes are every bit as enchanting as the creatures therein.

“Delightful…This gently magical outing will appeal not only to longtime lovers of European folklore, but also to fans of the popular “fairy door” phenomenon.”—Kirkus Reviews

“Beyond the luscious, lulling verse, a substantial part of the book’s enjoyment comes from seeing what the girl does not. Readers are all but certain to take a closer look at their environs for evidence of magic in their midst.” —Publishers Weekly