The Watermelon Story by Georgiana de Rham and Illustrated by Carolyn Dreyer


Watermelons are one of summer's tastiest fruits! But what goes into growing this delicious summertime treat? Experience Vermont's farming season through the eyes of the watermelons themselves in this whimsical story, chronicling their journey from seed to table and illustrating the impact of local food on the community. Includes a family-friendly watermelon recipe!

The Watermelon Story begins in late winter as farmers are busy planning their crops for the year ahead. As the story unfolds, readers learn about seeding, transplanting, and caring for vegetables. The local food system is prevalent, as the watermelons observe and interact with farmers, community members, cooks, and the Food Bank. The whimsical illustrations easily captivate young readers while offering a look into food production, farming, and the food system. The Watermelon Story is an excellent accompaniment to a curriculum about food, nutrition, and gardening, while also offering a positive message about self-esteem and confidence.